Amnesty International Calls For Support For Refugees

Dear Editor,

Re Refugee Crisis.

The distressing image of a young Syrian boy who drowned on the shores of Turkey has sent shockwaves around the continent this week. It was a stark reminder of the loss of life that is the most tragic consequence of the world’s biggest refugee crisis – the worst since World War II.

dn_screenTake action – tell your local South Down MP Margaret Ritchie, Strangford MP Jim Shannon and Newry and Armagh MP Mickey Brady to join our call to help more refugees

Millions of people are fleeing unthinkable violence and abuse in their home countries – from barrel bombing and gas attacks in Syria, to torture and enslavement in Eritrea.

The crisis is not about economic betterment – it is fundamentally about life and liberty.

But for months, UK and European leaders have turned a deaf ear to repeated warnings about the magnitude of the refugee crisis we are facing now. The result of their indifference has been devastating. They must act now.

Ask your MP’s to take a stand before the EU crisis meeting on 14 September

If we can get enough MP’s voicing their support in the run-up to the meeting, there’s a chance the UK government will adopt the fundamentally more effective and humane policy on refugees that is required.

Your local MP is there to represent you and your opinions at government-level. It’s vital that they know you care and want to support people fleeing conflict and persecution.

Add your voice – make sure your MP tells the Prime Minister to do the right thing

Thank you for your support,

Steve Symonds

Refugee Programme Director Amnesty International UK.