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Alliance Welcomes Tree Maintenance Work in Dundrum
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ALLIANCE Party Newcastle area Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed the removal and pruning back off a section of hedging and small trees which had overgrown in density between Keel Point junction and Dundrum Wastewater Treatment works along Dundrum Road heading out of Dundrum village

Councillor Patrick Clarke had made written representations to DRD Roads Service regarding the overgrown trees and hedging which were causing an obstruction to walkers and a residential property between Keel Point junction down to Dundrum Wastewater Treatment.  The overgrown trees and hedging which had not been maintained for some considerable time were also beginning to obstruct the road signage near the 30mph speed limit and a public walkway.

He added: “Following a complaint from walkers and a constituent living near the area I asked DRD Roads Service to carry out a site inspection.

“They subsequently agreed to reduce the obstruction of road signage and the area in question between Keel Point and Dundrum Waste Water Treatment

“The whole area is now a lot tidier and safer for pedestrians and walkers especially during the winter months.”