Alliance Raise Concerns With Planners On Turbine Location Near Castlewellan

South Down Alliance Westminster candidate Martyn Todd has raised a number of concerns with Planning Service in relation to a retrospective application for a wind turbine at Dundrinne Road between Castlewellan and Newcastle.

Resident Damian Rice who lives close to the wind turbine, explained: “You get shadow flicker early in the morning as the sun shines through the blades. It is very distracting when you want to get a sleep. But the main issue is the noise from the turbine.  It is simply very loud and constant when the wind in blowing.

[caption id="attachment_55421" align="alignleft" width="390"]Aidan Rice concerned about the siting of a wind turbine near his home. Damian Rice concerned about the siting of a wind turbine near his home.[/caption]

“I have quite a number of people supporting this planning complaint including South Down MP Margaret Ritchie and John McCallister MLA, and I will be speaking to Jim Wells MLA later this evening and I understand he too is concerned.

“It is basically nine metres higher than the one originally approved. And the ground level too is about 17 feet higher also. To add to all of this the wind turbine has been relocated about 230 metres closer to my house. I just don’t see how this can be done.”

Mr Todd said: “Planners have acknowledged that this turbine has been built without planning approval. Neither the size, scale or location of the turbine have planning approval and while a retrospective application has been submitted, I would have concerns that any recommendation to approve could send a dangerous message to developers that they can build first and apply for planning permission later.

“I have visited the site and met with the objector Damian Rice and would stress that he has put it on record that he has no objection to the original Planning Application. He has, however, major concerns that the turbine on its current unapproved site has not been subject to Planning Service scrutiny and as a result there has been a negative impact on his quality of life. I would share Mr Rice’s concerns and have advised planners that these matters must be fully investigated before any recommendation can be made.”

Mr Todd added: “ This is a new application and is subject to Planning policy and regulations. The new application is for a much larger structure on a different site and should not be viewed as an amended application. I would also have concerns that if this application was approved there would be nothing to prevent the construction of another turbine on the previously approved location.

“My colleague Cllr Patrick Brown will also ensure that these issues are addressed at Council level and we will continue to pursue these matters with Planning Enforcement until this issue has been satisfactorily resolved,” said Mr Todd.