Women In Northern Ireland Deserve Choice On Abortion Says Student President

Following news that the High Court in London has ruled that women from Northern Ireland are not legally entitled to free abortions on the NHS in England, image002NUS-USI has said that it is vital that government acts to ensure that women in Northern Ireland are given a choice as regards abortion.

NUS-USI Women’s Officer Aisling Gallagher said: “This is an extremely worrying development. Women in Northern Ireland deserve to have a choice.

“It’s time for fairness for women here. Northern Ireland is lagging behind the rest of the UK on a number of important equality issues and we need positive change immediately.

 “What does this ruling say to women from Northern Ireland? Why should women be treated differently from women elsewhere in the UK?

“Women deserve change and Northern Ireland deserves change as regards abortion. Government should take the steps necessary to deliver reproductive justice for women in Northern Ireland.”