Wildlife Coming To A Garden Near You

Wildlife gardening is also about how you manage your garden, as well as what you have in it. For instance, choosing peat free compost or even better, making your own and using alternatives to chemical pest control such as slug traps or copper strips is very effective. Danielle Begley, Down District Council Biodiversity Officer, is encouraging everyone in the area to take part and make space for nature in their garden. She said, “Just imagine what our local environment would be like if everyone did one more thing for wildlife in their garden. Gardening for wildlife is not a complicated or expensive business, but rather a simple and rewarding one. An hour’s work will give you days of pleasure as you sit back and enjoy the birds, bees, butterflies and many other creatures that will visit. So, if you want to do your bit and turn your garden into a mini nature reserve, pick up a registration form today, you could be in with the chance of winning a host of wildlife gardening goodies!” Everyone is welcome to enter the Wildlife Gardening competition under the following four categories: Private Gardens, School Gardens, Community Gardens and Business Gardens. Register your interest in the competition by submitting a registration form, available from: Danielle Begley, Down Biodiversity Officer on 028 4461 0824 or email danielle.begley@downdc.gov.uk Further details on the competition will be released in due course, but in the meantime, start a record of your garden by taking photographs (where possible), detail what exists there now and what extra things you are doing for wildlife.]]>