Who Clears the Pavements Asks NIIRTA?

The Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) has urged both the DRD and local Councils to clear up the confusion as to who is responsible for clearing snow from pavements. NIIRTA also called upon the Executive to compensate farmers who have suffered as result of the recent weather. Glynn Roberts, NIIRTA CEO said: “Over the past five days we have received reports from members expressing concern that un-gritted pavements are causing problems for customers accessing their shops”dn_screen “Many local Councils have taken the lead in clearing Town Centre Pavements but doubt remains as to who is responsible for other streets. “Both the DRD and Councils claim it is not their responsibility and we need to resolve this situation to ensure that it is very clear who is responsible for gritting our pavements. “We fully understand the freak nature of the recent weather, the impact it is having on rural communities and greatly appreciate the difficult work that NIE, DRD Roads Service and other agencies are having to undertake.” “NIIRTA fully supports our Ulster Farmers Union colleagues’ call for the NI Executive to provide adequate compensation for those farmers adversely impacted by the recent weather”. Earlier this week, Down District Council workers were tasked to clear up the pavements in Ballynahinch, Saintfield and Castlewellan. Local Chambers of Commerce have also campaigned for clarity on this issue.