Welcome Start for Burren Meadow Residents' Group

NEWCASTLE  Sinn Féin councillor Willie Clarke has welcomed the large attendance of a meeting organized to facilitate residents of the new Burren Meadow estate. The meeting, which took place on Thursday evening (2 May) was also attended by representatives from the PSNI, East Down Rural Network and Apex Housing.

[caption id="attachment_38576" align="alignleft" width="390"]Burren Meadow residents get together to from a forum to address any pressing issues on their new estate. Burren Meadow residents get together to from a forum to address any pressing issues on their new estate.[/caption] Councillor Clarke said the meeting was an excellent start for residents taking ownership of key issues of the estate. He added: “The residents meeting proved an invaluable forum to raise concerns and tackle teething problems that residents in the estate may be having at this early stage in its development. “It was great to see so many people in attendance despite a large number of houses still having to be allocated. Residents’ Groups play a pivotal role in local communities and will help improve the lives of people living in Burren Meadow. They play a central role in addressing issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour within a local area. “During the meeting, a number of concerned residents were more than happy to volunteer in forming the nucleus of the residents associations committee. I’d like to pay tribute to these people and wish them well in their work in the future. Groups of individuals like this are a great example of how community spirit is alive and well in Newcastle. “I want to thank Apex and the PSNI for their attendance and for taking on board the concerns and queries that were raised on the night. I would also like to thank the County Down Rural Community Network for their ongoing support with not just this residents’ group but groups across Newcastle. Their commitment and expertise in helping to form and sustain these groups are second to none. “I look forward to working with the newly formed Burren Meadows Residents Association in the years to come and I hope that new tenants and even more residents of the estate will join the committee and help in building this excellent community project.”]]>