Warm Home Scheme Welcomed in Downpatrick

THE Warm Home Scheme being delivered by Bryson Energy will bring some cheer to many homes across Down District this winter.

Since the launch of the scheme in 2009, the Warm Home Scheme has provided insulation and heating measures to over 1100 households in the Downpatrick area.

As Downpatrick faces a staggering 30.5 per cent level of fuel deprivation (official figures), having a well insultated home and an efficient fuel burner  is even more important than ever.

South Down MLA Chris Hazzard has welcomed the scheme which is now targeting homes in a door-to-door campaign to tease out those who may not yet have availed of this service. Mr Hazzard said: “The Downpatrick area in particular is heavily reliant on oil heating as there is no gas supply. People will literally be putting their money up in smoke unless their home is well insulated and the heating system is working sustainably.

Down District Councillor Eamonn Mac Con Midhe with Bryson Energy representative Chris Glass calling of Downpatrick householders who may be on benefits or entitled to them to avail of the Warm Homes Scheme.

“A 15-year old boiler loses between 30-45 per cent of its efficiency which represents a huge loss of cash to a family who may be struggling on benefits. Replacing a boiler and getting well insulated is therefore a very positive step to take. While the world oil prices remain unstable, domestic fuel prices will vary and householders need therefore to make the best use of the fuel in their budgets as they can.

“This is a worthwhile scheme providing vital assistance to many people in our community who are at risk of fuel poverty. It is therefore very important that this information about he Warm Home Scheme is widely promoted.  Bryson Energy who are running the scheme and their representatives are now active in the Downpatrick area. I am quite happy to assist anyone who wants to apply for this scheme. You can contact our constituency office if you need any help on this.”

Louis Magee, Referral Manager with Bryson Hose, said: “The information provided to the office on homes will provide local residents with a valuable Warm Homes Information Point. If anyone in the area wants to check their eligibility for the scheme, they can now call into their constituency offices where local representatives will be able to advise on their eleigibility for Warm Homes and assist them in submitting an application. You can also pick up leaflets in your local CAB and welfare rights offices.

“The time frame for the scheme is basically having an assessor look over your property within six weeks, and once approved, work will be completed within another six weeks. With the onset of winter, now is a good time to make an application.”

Chris Glass, Bryson Energy representative in Downpatrick said: “Bryson Energy will assess your home on a visit, and also you can have a free benefits check. At the moment, 60 per cent of people are not getting the welfare and other benefits they should.”

Down District Councillor Eamonn Mac Con Midhe added: “I work as an electrician and I am in many homes over the year and I see a large percentage of roofspaces that are not insulated sufficiently. You will loose 25 per cent of your heat if you do not have proper roof insulation, and 45 per cent if your walls are not insulated. I would encourage everyone to look at their homes and before winter arrives ensure they are well insulated and their boiler is working properly or replaced with a modern efficient one.”

The Warm Homes Scheme is free therefore there is no cost to homeowners, tenants or landlords.  To find out if you qualify for the scheme call freephone 0800 988 0559 or visit www.warm-homes.com

Contact Bryson Energy on the Warm Home Scheme – FREEPHONE 0800 988 0559.

Want a warmer home this winter?

Check out the link: www.brysonenergy.org