Vital Flood Prevention Measures In Rostrevor

dn_screenIn a joint statement they said: “We are delighted to see the high standard of work being carried out in the resurfacing of the road and pavements in Greenpark Road. “We are also very pleased to see the work being conducted in St Rita’s to alleviate the flooding that has been such a problem for local residents for years. This has included the introduction of a large pipe to take excess water away and more effective gulleys along Greenpark Road. “We would also like to congratulate Northern Ireland Water on their work in this area too, which will include a pipe to carry excess water to the river and flooding alleviation measures in St Coleman’s and St Jude’s as well. This will mean an end to the severe problems experienced by local people over many years.” They also welcomed the work carried out by Transport NI in preventing dangerous parking opposite St Bronagh’s Primary School in the village, which includes the erection of bollards near the Water Street intersection with Church Street. These improvements follow meetings between Councillor Murphy and the PSNI, to whom he has expressed his thanks.]]>