VDE Baggers AC Run Match Event In Newry Canal

35 match anglers take part on VGE Baggers second competition for 2023

35 match anglers take part on VGE Baggers second competition for 2023

The VDE Baggers AC, a coarse angling club recently formed in Northern Ireland, held its second match at Newry Canal, the biggest contest in the past 15 years.

Thirty five anglers turned up fishing in this match competition for rudd, roach, bream and hybrids.

Before the event, anglers were angling the canal regularly and catching 3-6 Kgs of fish equivalent to 60-120 fish.

On the day it was very much about getting the tactics right.

Aaron Hutchman, VDE Baggers organiser, pictured on the Newry Canal with a fine mix of roach and hybrids.

Because of a spell of heavy frost, the fish unfortunately left the Omeath Road area and moved upstream, the Quays area. As the match unfolded, even the angling veterans were surprised at this movement of fish almost overnight. The Omeath Road section was almost devoid of fish.

The VDE Baggers allow feeder fishing, and use of the pole (and whip) or rod where fishing for coarse fish.

Basically, the shoals had moved up towards the Coalyard stretch. Rowland Tubs had a 2.3Kg bream to win but the rest had bags of around 500g or under.

Aaron Hutchman, club organiser, said: “Usually in the winter the shoals move up to the Quays / Coalyard area and move down to the Omeath Road stretch in the warmer months.

“This time, for some unknown reason which even baffled local veteran anglers, the fish shoals started going up towards the deeper area away from the Omeath Road.

“But at least everyone caught fish on the day.”

Jamie Murray and Sean Tallon won the section with the 25 pegs with a weight of 800g.

By contrast, the Basin and Coalyard section fished well. All 10 anglers there were mostly using whips and caught 100-200 fish in the deeper water giving around 5-11Kgs.

Local angler Caolan King was top with just under 11Kgs. Next was Edgaras Griskantis coming in second with over 9.5Kgs and in third place was canal legend Stephen Wright with 9 Kgs.

The winners of the VDE Baggers angling match competition on the Newry Canal on Sunday 16th April. Included are: first, was Rowland Tubs; second was Jamie Murray and Sean Tallon: third was Edgaras Griskantis: and fourth was Artur Nojcewski.

New member Artur Nojcewski was fourth with just under 8 Kgs.

VDE Baggers organiser Aaron Hutchman added: “The 35 pegs were all fully booked and we had anglers waiting on in the wings on the reserve list such was the demand.

“Years ago Newry Canal saw up to 100 anglers taking part in competitions and they came from England and countries abroad to fish here.

“It was a successful match event and all went well according to plan. The draw for pegs took place at the Victoria Lock Gates at 8.30am giving the anglers plenty of time to set up for the 10am start. There were seven five anglers sections in all.

“Anglers bought the Loughs Agencies endorsements and had DAERA coarse fishing licences.

“We are looking forward to our next event and the membership of the club is growing well. There is keen interest in coarse match angling.

“The club will run a match competition once a month, and in September there will be a pairs event.

“Through the colder months we will run a Winter League over three months with 8 matches, the anglers top 5 scores counting for the competition.

VDE Baggers Angling Club will be running a members open match competition on:

Sunday 21st May.

You can check out the club Facebook page HERE.

VDE baggers AC would like to thank Van Den Eynde Groundbaits for their kind sponsorship.


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