USPCA Says Cruelty To Animals Is Unacceptable

USPCA Sheds Light on Heartbreaking Animal Abandonment Cases

USPCA Sheds Light on Heartbreaking Animal Abandonment Cases

Leading animal welfare organisation the USPCA has highlighted a number of harrowing animal cruelty and neglect cases in recent weeks.

It included a heart-wrenching case involving a severely neglected dog found climbing out of a river. The USPCA dog groomers removed all the matted fur from the small dog, which revealed him to be a Yorkie-Shih Tzu cross.

The USPCA vet team then carried out a full health check. Despite being underweight and clearly suffering for some time with all the matted fur, the little dog has been receiving plenty of TLC from the team and is making a good recovery.

Unrecognisable: Oscar in a sorry state after his rescue from the bank of a river.

The USPCA is the second oldest animal welfare charity in the world. Formed in 1836, its aims are the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering in animals and the advancement of animal welfare.

Two weeks previously they dealt with two separate incidents of dogs with badly broken legs, abandoned, frightened and in severe pain. One of the dogs named Asha underwent life-saving surgery which resulted in a leg amputation.

With all three cases, members of the public discovered these animals and brought them to the USPCA Animal Hospital in Newry.

Nora Smith, CEO of the USPCA, said: “All three of these dogs are lucky to be alive, and we are so grateful to the members of the public who found them and brought them to us for the essential treatment they required.

Oscar after his clipping and bath, and a full check over from the USPCA vet.

“Despite their ordeal, we are hopeful that these resilient dogs will be able to overcome their trauma, and eventually find loving homes where they will receive the care and compassion.

“They are three warriors who deserve to spend the rest of their lives surrounded by love and affection.

“Animal abandonment and cruelty are grave issues that demand our immediate attention as a society. It is essential that we come together to raise awareness about the consequences of these terrible acts of abandonment.”

The USPCA urges the community to take action against animal abandonment and cruelty.

By reporting any suspected cases to your local Council, supporting local animal shelters, and adopting or fostering animals in need, the public can make a real difference in their lives.

For more information on USPCA initiatives, or to offer support, members of the public can visit the website at: or call 028 3025 1000.