UKIP Says Elderly Residents In Dundrum Oppose New Playpark

Following planning permission approval for a play park located at St Donard’s Walk in Dundrum, UKIP representative Alan Lewis is “urging  caution”.

He said: “Firstly I congratulate Down District Council and community associations for bringing forward a number of play park proposals across the district. Dundrum has long been in need of an upgraded, better equiped play area.  I myself wrote to Down Council in 2011 requesting the De Courcey Way play park be upgraded.dn_screen

 “However, I urge Down Council and NIHE who own the land (at St Donard’s Walk) to proceed with caution as there are a significant amount of elderly residents living in St Donard’s walk who are oppossed to these plans  and they do not wish to see a play park located outside their homes.

“I visited residents last week, one of whom explained she had applied for a housing transfer away from the site of the old play park only to be faced with a new one being constructed a matter of feet from her front door. I then contacted Down Council requesting residents concerns be taken aboard.

“I was disappointed with the ‘tell them to write to planning services response’ as many of these residents find it difficult to correspond with the Planning Service which they see as a daunting and intimidating prospect. I believe there is a clear equality issue here that has not been addressed . I am inviting NIHE to meet with me to discuss residents’ concerns. I sincerely hope that offer is accepted and land is not transferred for recreational use without fully consulting all residents.

“A councillor for the area has said that ‘The proposed location of Donard Walk green area for the relocated play area was identified through the public consultation’.  I can assure him there has been no prior consultation with elderly residents living in St Donard’s Walk and until this takes place UKIP cannot support any relocation proposals,”  added Mr Lewis.