Thief Steals Quad Of Top Down Rider

A BARE-FACED and heartless thief has stolen a high spec quad under the
noses of participants and spectators at a racing event on Saturday (10
March). Young quad star and one of County Down’s top racers, Emma
McQuaid, had her quad stolen at the practice session at Tinkerhill race
track near Newry.

CROSSGAR singer/songwriter Eoghan Johnson is making a name for himself.

Already well known as a rock musician for a number of years with the Electric Mocassins, he has followed his talents and is now putting together quality music that is creating quite a stir.

Eoghan said: “I write lyrics that everyone can relate to. It is more mature, easy listening, expressive stuff than our earlier rock music. I will still be giging with the band in the summer, but I am really involved now in my solo work, and have played in a number of great venues in open mike sessions and have even played in Dublin’s Boxing Stadium, an amazing experience.

Singer.songwriter Eoghan Johnson is making tracks in his musical career

“My recent EP which I released on 26 February is going well and I am pleased with it. I have done six more songs since then and some video work. It is really quite relaxing. It is amazing but my fan base is increasing, and I get a good bit of traffic on Facebook. In the past I would have been playing rock blues but my music is certainly evolving.

“The main influences in this style of music are the emotive, soul-searching music of Luka Bloom, brother of Christie Moore. And the legendary Paul Brady too is one of my heroes.

“I am studying for a National Diploma Level 3 at Belfast Metropolitan at the moment and acoustic guitar is my main instrument which I’ve reached Level 8 with. I have had to start singing this year, it’s a compulsory cpomponent, and Ihave really enjoyed it.

“I am finding my real singing voice now. This course has brought me on with confidence. I could never before have done this as well. And now I’m looking forward to developing my skills and hoping that I can make some more EP’s. I’m just taking one stage at a time. If I eventually get an HND I can go on to university and develop my music further. At the moment I am just learning my trade.

“In 2010 I was a finalist of the Young Musician of the Year competition with my acoustic guitar work, but I have even been progressing further on this since then.”

In recent years Eoghan has had the support of radio presenter Gerry Anderson and U105 helping to promote his work. He knows that singing is just one part of his business, marketing is the other key part. Already he is using Facebook and Twitter and it is just a matter of time before his talent breaks through and he becomes a name we are all familiar with.

He said: “Already I have been gigging my way across Ireland with the rock band for five years and we have had quite an impact. But the rockers are a different audience from those who would listen to my ‘calmer’ stuff.“

Eoghan is certainly an up-and-coming musician, getting there, but is expected to make a name for himself over the next few years.