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Down Community Health Committee Holds Meeting

Health Meeting Touches On Some Pressing Sore Points The independent health group, Down Community Health Committee (DCHC) held a...

Walk For Life On World Suicide Prevention Day

Walk For Life On World Suicide Prevention Day Downpatrick Suicide Prevention Task Group’s annual Walk for Life to mark...

Suicide Down To Zero To Run Festival Of Hope

SDZ0000 To Run Festival Of Hope Through Action Suicide Prevention Charity Organises Festival of Hope Through Action

Online Platform To Support Communities After Sudden Death

An online platform is launched to support communities after sudden death A new online platform has been launched to...

Newcastle Suicide Prevention Group On Blue Monday

"Blue Monday Initiative is important but we should be thinking about our mental health every day of the year!"

NMD Council To Mark World Suicide Day

Newy Mourne and Down District Council is lighting up Newry Town Hall and the Downpatrick Leisure Centre orange for World Suicide Day.

Hazzard Backs Suicide Down To Zero Strategy

Launch of Suicide Down to Zero Strategic Plan 2019 -2022. Suicide Down to Zero is a charity which was...

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