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Romance Fraud Nets £700K In 10 Months In NI

Don't Get Scammed With A Romance Fraud In the last 10 months, just over £713,000 has been lost in...

Action Fraud Says Get Safe Online

Stay ahead of the scammers says Action Fraud A spokesperson for Action Fraud said: "We have received a number...

Cyber Crime Centre Warns Of Phishing Scammers

Police cyber crime centre says scammers as using phishing to access or key data Detectives from the Police Service’s...

Police Say Scammers Active Into 2023

New year and same old scams say police Since the start of the year, 5,600 reports of attempted scams...

Beware Of Scam Life Insurance Calls Warns Police

Police are warning about scam life insurance calls Following a report of a scam life insurance call targeting the...

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