Swap Fags for Swag

Swap Fags for Swag’ this No Smoking Day which is on 13 March 2013. ‘Quit Kits’ are free and available and have been designed by experts and smokers which contain useful tools to help you quit. In Northern Ireland the cost to our society is high. This is demonstrated in the cost of treating smoking related illnesses in Northern Ireland which is estimated at approximately £119 million per annum. Sadly, the human cost is quantified by smoking killing 2300 people per annum and contributing to a high proportion of smoking related illnesses. Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals, as well as the drug nicotine which is highly addictive and causes psychological and habitual dependence in other words the reason why people continue to smoke. As No Smoking Day approaches, this is a great time to quit. In order to help and support you in your quit attempt, the Trust’s Stop Smoking Service is always available. We will be involved in various activities Trustwide including staff training and promotional events. For information and useful tips to stop smoking, log on to the Public Health Agency’s ‘Want to Stop’ website www.want2stop.info and order a Quit Kit free of charge or contact the NI Smokers Helpline on (0808) 812 8008. The Stop Smoking Service at the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust can be contacted by phone on (028) 9250 1383 or (028) 9151 1134. ]]>