Swann Urges Everyone To Stay At Home This Weekend

Health Minister Robin Swann is urging everyone across Northern Ireland to stay at home this weekend – despite the good weather.

The Minister said: “The weather forecast is good for the next few days but I would really urge everyone to resist the temptation to head out and socialise.

“We have to maintain the fightback against Covid-19. That means every one of us staying at home and regularly washing our hands thoroughly. Only leave home if it’s absolutely necessary and, if you have to go out, keep your distance from others.

“This is about protecting yourself, protecting others and protecting the health service.

“For the sake of everyone you care about, don’t take a chance this weekend.”

Don’t leave home unless it is urgent: the four reasons to leave home are to get Food, to get to and from essential work, to get medicine or medical help, or for exercise.