Swann Repeats His Key Message To Maintain Health

‘Wash your hands like your life depends on it’ says Health Minister Swann.

Speaking at the daily NI Executive Covid-19 press briefing, Health Minister Robin Swann today repeated the vital public health messages on preventing the spread of the virus.

He said: “The messages I have repeated endlessly from the start of this emergency are just as urgent and just as crucial today. I make no apology for sounding like a cracked record.

“Keep washing your hands and keep your distance. Look after yourself, your families and your health service.

“These messages are so important now that some changes to the lockdown restrictions have been announced.

“People will be out and about a bit more, including meeting family members and friends outdoors in groups of up to six.

“Please remember: Social distancing remains a matter of life and death. I can’t emphasise that enough. Wash your hands like your life depends on it.  It might just.

“Yesterday’s announcement on changes to the restrictions was good news. It means we have made significant progress in the Covid-19 fightback. We can ease things, just a little. The pressure and the isolation felt by so many can be reduced, albeit slightly.

“But we must not throw away that progress now.

“Meeting close friends and family after so many weeks will be an emotional experience. We will instinctively and naturally feel like giving a hug or a handshake. Please don’t. Please keep on keeping your distance. There is too much at stake.

“We in the Executive want to ease the lockdown further, when the time is right and the expert advice says we can. All of this will fall apart if people don’t stay on the right path.

“Flouting the public health advice will lead to the lockdown being tightened again. And it will put you and others at risk.”