Swann Extends Alcohol Minimum Prices Consultation

Health Minister Swann extends alcohol minimum prices consultation

Health Minister Swann extends alcohol minimum prices consultation

The days of cheap booze from retail outlets may be coming to a close, but the price of a drink in a pub or restaurant will be safe.

Health Minister Robin Swann has extended the consultation for Unit Minimum Pricing for alcohol sales in retail outlets, but pubs and restaurants should not be affected.

On 22 February, Minister Swann launched a public consultation on the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol into Northern Ireland.

He said: “Minimum Unit Pricing is a harm reduction proposal that would seek to target very cheap off-sales alcohol – such as own brand alcohol – and help those who are most likely to come to alcohol related harm. It is unlikely to impact the price of alcohol in the on trade – such as pubs and restaurants.

“Following a number of requests, the Department of Health has decided to extend the length of the consultation.  The consultation will now close on Friday 27 May 2022.

“We would encourage all those who have not yet responded to have their say on this important policy proposal.”

The consultation document is available on-line: