Support The Beyond Network Reviews For Better Broadband Services In Down District

In the ever-increasing global economy, we are just a click of a mouse away from a business deal possibly in China or on a different continent.

Even a decade ago this advancement would have been unimaginable. But now it is a reality… almost!

beyond_screenIt seems that as broadband is growing and upload and download speeds are becoming superfast, there are still many areas that are broadband blackspots and other areas that are clearly under-performing.

It is vital to the Down District economy that locally broadband is fit for purpose and local users – domestic and business alike – and that rural areas are not left in a broadband stone age.

Broadband connectivity allows users to access the fast-growing world of Cloud technologies, s0cial media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, to read news online as it happens, and to use digital marketing and e-commerce to improve the health of your business. In fact today many businesses actually work from virtual offices in the Cloud which provides security and safety for these business.

Broadband can help you find more markets, and more customers. But to do that, it needs to be delivered on the ground effectively as a service in the first instance and in Northern Ireland there are many areas of concern where broadband is a serious issue.

Do you live or trade within the Down District Council area?

Do you wish you had access to faster internet speeds? If so you may be interested to know that the Council has recently commissioned a research project to review and analyse current Public WiFi and Fixed Internet provision throughout the district.

The Government aim is for all homes in the UK to have a minimum 2Mb internet connection by 2015. While residents in many urban areas are already able to avail of speeds of up to 150Mb, more than 10% of users are still receiving a service of less than 2Mb. Just under 2% of businesses and households are located in what have become known as ‘not-spots’, so called as they have no access to broadband whatsoever due to their physical location.

In recognition of the fact that many residents and business owners in the area still have limited access to broadband services, this project will seek to determine the actual internet access speeds residents and businesses are experiencing in the district.

Three focus groups as well as informal drop-in sessions are being organised to give residents and business owners alike an opportunity to report and comment on real-life speeds being experienced.

If you would like to participate in the review of Rural Broadband Services within the Down District Council area please call in at one of the Drop-In sessions or Focus Groups below:

*  Tuesday 10 March 2015 – Downpatrick Arts Centre

*  Wednesday 11 March 2015 – Ballynahinch Market House

*  Thursday 12 March 2015 – Newcastle Centre

Drop-in from 1pm to 5pm and Focus group from 7pm to 8pm at any centre. 

If you cannot make any of the above sessions you can still complete an on-line survey:

For speed test websites please refer to: * *

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