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Successful Women Inspire St Mary’s Students
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ST MARY’S High School celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8 March 2013 with presentations from Women who currently work in Male dominated environments.

The Principal, Mrs Darling, opened the event by welcoming Judge Gemma Loughran, CID Inspector Sharon Little, Fire Fighter Niamh Dunn and local entrepreneur Cathrina Kielty to the school.

Judge Gemma Loughran spoke to the A Level students giving them a fascinating insight into the daily life of a Judge. She encouraged them to consider a career in Law,” to break the glass ceiling,” and to recognise the many gifts and talents they all have.

CID Inspector Sharon Little provided an insight into working in a male dominated profession.  She advised the students to be true to themselves, to bring sincerity to the workplace and to value the contributions of colleagues.  She spoke of changing attitudes and a modern Ireland and helped the students see that they too could bring a wealth of skill and expertise to the workplace.

Niamh Dunn, commented on the small number of female fire fighters – 50 out of nearly 2000.  She assured the students this was a great career option and talked of the skills that were needed in the workplace.  She put emphasis on communication, teamwork and self motivation.

Cathrina Kielty spoke of the importance of recognising the great opportunities available in St Mary’s for today’s students.  She advised the sixth Formers to work hard now, to reach their goals and to consider the merits of the business world.

She spoke of the importance of women supporting each other, and of the need for women to have high aspirations and determination to succeed.

Jade Leckey, Deputy Head Girl said:” I found the talk both inspirational and motivational.  Equality between genders is a reality and I can work in whatever profession I set my heart on.”

Alexander Mooney, Head girl added:” Women have an important role to play in all aspects of society.  If we dream big, we will achieve great things.”

Mrs Darling said: “St Mary’s High School is a very successful community school scoring well above the Northern Ireland average in both GCSE and A level exams.”

Mrs Darling reminded the students that they are the leaders of tomorrow. She told them that with courage, determination and hard work they will bring many benefits to their future families, their communities, Northern Ireland and the Global Economy.

“Young ladies you are privileged to be students of  St Mary’s, walk with your head held high, continue to have high expectations for yourselves. Never let anyone tell you, you cannot achieve your dream.”