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Curran Comments on Ulster Bank Mishaps
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DOWNPATRICK area SDLP Councillor Dermot Curran has spoken out following further glitches with the Ulster Bank’s system.

Councillor Curran said: “Following on from the Royal Bank of Scotland’s huge banking crisis last summer, it is astounding to learn of further difficulties.

“Just last week, bank cards belonging to customers were being swallowed by bank machines, and there were problems with the online and telephone banking systems. So essentially customers were being denied access to their own funds.dn_screen

“It is alarming, as we are only a matter of months on from the last crisis which cost the bank £18million here in the North of Ireland.  I appreciate that last week’s glitch only lasted a few hours and was not on the same scale as last summer, however, it remains totally unacceptable.

“It has been more than eight months since the last error and the Government is yet to publicise the official findings.  Ulster Bank is a part of RBS and RBS still remains 81% owned by the Tax Payer so the Government has to step up here and ensure that this does not happen again.

“Local residents from Ardglass are still reeling from the news that the Branch in the fishing village is earmarked for closure and are being reassured that their business is welcome in Downpatrick. But shutting up shop and moving from one disaster to another is no way of retaining customers.”