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McGrath Supports No Smoking Day
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Down District SDLP Councillor and the party’s local spokesperson on Health, Councillor Colin McGrath, has spoken out in support of “No Smoking Day” -13 March 2013.

Councillor McGrath said: “Wednesday 13 March is “No Smoking Day”. This is an excellent opportunity for smokers in our community to take stock and think of both the financial and health implications of their habit.

“According to the British Heart Foundation an average smoker would save £7 per day, £49 per week, £210 a month and £2.555 per year if they were to quit. These figures should be considered as an incentive.

“I fully appreciate how difficult quitting is given I was a former smoker myself and succeeded in giving up but I would urge those contemplating giving up to investigate the support available. Your GP or Pharmacist to discuss options available.

“So I urge smokers across the District to not only think about your health on No Smoking Day but also tot up the financial cost of your habit and how you could spend this money elsewhere. In these tough economic climates, that is bound to be as good an incentive as any,” added Councillor McGrath.