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High Air Pollution in Northern Ireland
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HIGH levels of air pollution (particulate matter) are currently being monitored in the Belfast area, with moderate levels in the Lisburn area.

In addition, there are moderate levels of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide being monitored in the Derry/Londonderry area. This localised air pollution is likely to be associated with the build up of emissions from vehicles and home heating. Pollutant levels are expected to decline as we experience wet, unsettled weather, but they could increase to high again with colder, drier conditions towards the end of this weekend and into early next week.

During periods of High Air Pollution the symptoms of people with lung or heart disease may worsen. Healthy people are unlikely to experience any ill effects.

Hourly updates on levels of particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and carbon monoxide are available on the Department’s website: and the Department’s freephone helpline 0800 556 677, which also offers health advice to those who may be particularly sensitive to air pollution.

Air pollution is described as “low (1-3)”, “moderate (4-6)”, “high (7-9)” or “Very High (10)” in relation to the presence of particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone. Classifications are based upon the pollutant in the highest band based upon the advice of the independent Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution