Students Set Out Their Stall To Stormont To Protect Peace Process

NUS-USI President Fergal McFerran has called for politicians here to show genuine leadership to deliver dialogue and compromise to protect peace, progress and the devolved institutions.

dn_screenNUS-USI President Fergal McFerran, said: “The generation to which I belong, and indeed the vast majority of students across Northern Ireland today were born into a time of renewed hope. We believed our politicians would act together to deliver stability and opportunity, for us and for society around us too.

“It appals me, and it should appal everyone else as well, that we find ourselves facing yet another period of crisis at Stormont, the most serious in recent years.

“Massive numbers of young people have been leaving Northern Ireland for years, searching for a home that can provide them with opportunity, equality and prosperity, because the Executive has failed to provide it.

“The student movement has a proud history of promoting unity of purpose across the community divide in Northern Ireland, the establishment of NUS-USI in 1972 through cross border relationships proves that.

“Our politicians owe it to all of society to build the better peaceful and stable future that everyone deserves.

“I remain convinced that the people of Northern Ireland are best placed to manage the affairs of Northern Ireland. This situation is not a failure of the principle of devolved government, it is a failure of the political leaders.

“The longer we allow crisis and dysfunction to characterise politics in here, the longer we continue to fail those in society who most need politics to work for them.

“I call on our political leaders to reflect sincerely on the current situation and to recognise the ramifications their decisions will have not just for the devolved institutions, but for every single one of us in Northern Ireland.”