Student Leader Says Votes At 16 Essential To Give Young People A Say

NUS-USI President Rebecca Hall has called for measures to be introduced to enable young people to vote from the age of 16. She said that people pay tax at the age of 16 so therefore they should have a say on how that money is spent.

dn_screenNUS-USI President Rebecca Hall said: “It is vitally important that Northern Ireland has votes at 16 to give young people a say in the issues that affect them. “Delivering votes at 16 will help politics and politicians better engage with young people as young people will then be involved in the democratic process. “People pay tax at the age of 16, so they should be given a say on how tax revenues are spend by being able to vote. “We can see the impact that votes at 16 had in terms of generating interest in the Scottish independence referendum and to have similar interest and engagement in politics here would be of significant benefit for Northern Ireland. I call on government to take action immediately to deliver votes at 16.”