Strangford MP Jim Shannon Pledges Support For Cancer Treatment

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has backed support for cancer treatment.

He said: “According to Macmillan, there are 2.5 million people in the UK living with cancer as of 2015. That’s just under 5% of our total adult population.

[caption id="attachment_59717" align="alignleft" width="390"]Strangford MP Jim Shannon signs the cancer board at Westminster. Strangford MP Jim Shannon signs the cancer pledge at Westminster.[/caption]

“Indeed, you’ll find it hard to find anyone whose life hasn’t been touched by this horrendous disease in some shape or form, and that is why action on the issue is so important.

“Survival rates are improving. This is a development that is great to see for everyone. With one in two people diagnosed with cancer in the UK surviving we’re on the right track, but the fact remains that we could do and we can do so much better.

“I was proud to sign the Cancer Pledge board at Westminster, pledging that I will ‘support new and exciting advances in the treatment of cancer which offer patients the prospect of improved long-term survival from cancer across a range of tumour types.’

“Cancer knows no creed, knows no colour, knows no race, no religion and no class. Cancer is an enemy we can all come together to fight, and I hope we can all come together in Parliament to give our constituents up and down this nation access to the very best when it comes to treatment for this common enemy.”