South Eastern HSC Trust Wins Hospital Award

The South Eastern HSC Trust has won a prestigious CHKS award.

The South Eastern HSC Trust is one of the CHKS Top Hospitals for 2019, a prestigious award based on an analysis of data from all hospital trusts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Top Hospitals awards are data driven and take into consideration all trusts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The winners are decided by an analysis of over 20 performance indicators carried out by healthcare improvement specialists CHKS. The data is regularly submitted by hospitals to NHS Digital to help track performance in a number of areas, including quality of care and patient safety. 

The performance indicators cover: safety, clinical effectiveness, health outcomes, efficiency, patient experience and quality of care. The indicators are revised annually to take into account any newly available performance information. The Top Hospitals award is one of several awards that make up the CHKS Top Hospitals programme, including national awards for patient safety, quality of care and data quality.

Seamus McGoran, Director of Hospital Services, South Eastern HSC Trust, said: “I am delighted that our hospitals have received another CHKS Top Hospital award. This award recognises both quality of care and efficiency of service delivery and achieving this accolade is a tribute to our incredible staff.

“I never ceased to be amazed by their commitment, professionalism and innovative approaches to quality improvement. They are a credit to the Trust.”

Moyra Amess, Director, Benchmarking, Assurance & Accreditation, Capita Healthcare Decisions, said: “The Top Hospital award recognises outstanding performance in those areas which we believe are critical to delivering good patient care. We are delighted that the South Eastern HSC Trust is one of our Top Hospitals 2019.”

The CHKS Top Hospitals programme awards were held in London on the 12th June and hosted by ITV News Medical Correspondent Sue Saville.