South Down DUP Candidate Hanna Says Use Your Vote

South Down DUP candidate Glyn Hanna.

Voting matters for you, your friends, family and this community. Voting for the DUP ensures delivery. 

The South Down DUP candidate Glyn Hanna said: “In the last General Election, votes cast for the DUP meant we could deliver £1.5 billion for everyone living in Northern Ireland. No other party has been able to deliver a single penny in extra funding for people living and working here.

“Working together we have been able to speak up for Northern Ireland’s best interests and had the strength to deliver for people, securing additional money for our hospitals, schools and roads.

“This investment has been making a real difference in every community across Northern Ireland. But we want to do more.

Glyn Hanna, DUP South Down candidate in the General Election, says voting DUP ‘ensures delivery.’

“We have an opportunity to move Northern Ireland in the right direction and elect people who believe in Northern Ireland and who will go and do the job you elect them to do. I want to be that person who delivers for here. 

“One thing you can be sure, if elected, I will turn up and speak up for you. During the last campaign the DUP warned that the choice was simple and the result would be close and that proved to be right.

“We need someone in South Down who is prepared to speak up for you at the heart of Government. The DUP has proved time and time again that with our influence we have been standing strong for Northern Ireland.

Glyn Hanna is the South Down DUP candidate.

“With no devolved Government the people of Northern Ireland want someone to deal with the mounting issues affecting our hospitals, schools and roads.

“Last week the DUP launched our 12 point plan to get Northern Ireland moving again.  It addresses matters such as our mental health services, schools, hospitals, jobs, welfare and environment as well tackling crime and those who abuse animals. This is a weighty policy document with a comprehensive plan for devolution and the next Parliament.

“Whilst we’re trying to talk about matters which people are worried about, Sinn Fein is like a broken record talking about a border poll on Irish Unity.  They need to catch up with the majority of people in Northern Ireland who care deeply about the constitutional settlement but also care about the state of their hospitals and schools.”

Mr Hanna added: “It’s time Sinn Fein face up to the reality that people here want a functioning Executive with Ministers in place to deal with the mounting issues affecting everyday life here. We want a functioning Assembly and it’s time others worked with the same urgency, rather than chase United Ireland fantasies.

“Sinn Fein has continued to boycott the Assembly chamber for over 1,000 days. Enough is enough. They also boycott Westminster by not sending a representative to sit in a seat for South Down, leaving us voiceless.

“Ultimately the party that has most Members of Parliament elected after this election will be seen as the voice of Northern Ireland. You have a clear choice to make. Vote for an empty seat that delivers nothing or vote for the DUP that is making the case for you and delivering for everyone.

“Make sure on the 12th December you make the right choice. Let’s get Northern Ireland moving again. Vote Hanna !”