South Down Alliance Hold An Ardglass Beach Clean Up

The South Down Alliance Association Organises A Successful Beach Clean At Ardglass harbour.

The South Down Alliance Association Organises A Successful Beach Clean At Ardglass harbour.

The South Down branch of the Alliance Party held a successful beach clean-up operation on the east Harbour beach in Ardglass this past weekend.

There has been a persistent issue of rubbish settling on the beaches in Ardglass over recent years, some it it coming in with the in-coming tide.

Organised by the South Down Alliance committee, volunteers were put to task by James Lenaghan, Ardglass Harbor Master, and helped to clean rubbish, litter and debris from the beach at low tide.

Ardglass Harbour Master James Lenaghan pictured with Alliance Councillors Patrick Brown and Andrew McMurray and Independent Cadogan Enright.

Councillor Patrick Brown said: “It was great to spend the day with our hard-working Alliance activists helping to restore the natural beauty of the Ardglass beach.

“Unfortunately, all too often, our coastal areas become havens for littering and other anti-social behavior. These beaches also see a large amount of rubbish carried in by the tides which often comes from much farther away.

The South Down Alliance group organised a beach clean at Ardglass harbour with the assistance of harbour master James Lenaghan.
Councillor Patrick Brown finds a Council Covid-19 health guidance sign for the playground washed up on the east beach.

“It often falls to volunteers to clean up afterwards. Alliance is committed to protecting and enhancing our natural environment and therefore we want to play our part in ensuring the enjoyment of local beaches for everyone in our community.’

Councillor Cadogan Enright (Independent) said: “Ardglass East Harbour beach is consistently one of the dirtiest beaches in South Down due to a mixture of littering along the foreshore by the Strangford Road and a large amount of rubbish and fishing waste washing up during high tide.

Sara Camplisson and Ellen McVea took part in the South Down Alliance beach clean up at Ardglass.

“Alliance Party volunteers were very helpful in clearing some of the smaller bays which are more difficult to get to.”

Ardglass Harbour Master James Lenaghan said: “I would like to thank everyone for taking part today and doing their bit for the environment.

“I would also like to thank all the groups and individuals who work tirelessly throughout the year to keep the coastline clean. Keep up the good work everyone!”

Newry Mourne and Down District Alliance and Independent Councillors pictured with volunteers and Ardglass Harbour Master James Lenegahan,.