Sinn Féin Welcome Road Upgrades Across Downpatrick

DOWNPATRICK Sinn Féin election candidate Naomi Bailie has welcomed a series of rural road upgrades and proposed upgrade works across Downpatrick in residential areas, that include Drumcloon Walk, Roughal Park and Malone Drive.

[caption id="attachment_47802" align="alignleft" width="390"]Downpatrick election candidate Naomi Bailie at Drumcloon Walk in Downpatrick. Downpatrick election candidate Naomi Bailie at Drumcloon Walk in Downpatrick.[/caption]

Miss Bailie said: “I welcome this proposed work by Roads officials and do not doubt that it will improve both driving conditions in the area and the general appearance of this town. We are approaching the St. Patrick’s season here in Downpatrick, and during our festivities we will host many thousands of people from across this island and across the globe.

“It is vital that Downpatrick’s image is a positive one which showcases the area as a premier area to live in, work in and visit. Little additions like these all play their part in making Downpatrick that place.

“This work also improves the general condition of the area for residents living here. I know that some of the areas have received drainage upgrade work so this is very much welcome given the nature of our current weather. I’m delighted also to see the proposed upgrade of the footway here at Drumcloon Walk which is long overdue improvements.”