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Sinn Féin Welcome Relocation Of Drumaroad Bus Stop
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Councillor Paul Gribben (Sinn Féin) has welcomed the relocation of a bus stop in Drumaroad village which he says will greatly improve safety for its school children users.dn_screen

Cllr Gribben said: “There was an ongoing concern by parents and local residents about the placement of the current bus stop in the village, which was situated in an area with no footpath or designated pedestrian walkway. Local children travelling by bus were forced to stand on what is a quite busy rural road every morning putting themselves at risk from oncoming traffic.

“Myself and my colleague Chris Hazzard MLA raised this matter at a site meeting with both Translink and Roads Service who agreed with us about the potential risks that the current bus stop location was causing.”

“I am delighted to announce that the bus stop will now be relocated within the next fortnight. The bus stops new location a number of yards away will now allow a safe place for school children to stand in off the road, free from the dangers of oncoming traffic.

“I want to thank Translink for acting so swiftly in engaging with ourselves and local residents to ensure that this matter was dealt with and the stop quickly relocated,”  added Cllr Gribben.