Sharvin Comments On Bad Weather Hitting East Down

DOWN District Council Vice-Chairman, Councillor Gareth Sharvin, who has been out on the ground with residents and government agencies over the bad weather spell,  said: “The tidal surge has hit our coastal towns and villages over the last couple of days, and has left considerable damage to local homes, roads and sea walls

[caption id="attachment_45878" align="alignleft" width="390"]The Killough football playpark under water. The Killough football playpark under water.[/caption]

“I have travelled from Minerstown right across to Strangford the last number of days, and have experienced homes being flooded, a family being rescued from their car, sea walls collapsing and land slips.

“On Friday, homes along Fisherman’s Row in Killough were badly affected by the tide water. With the assistance of Roads Service we were able to rescue homes from flooding in time, by deploying sandbags to residents. The Rope Walk, lower playing field and the Doctor’s Surgery were under flooding water and the damage will need be assessed. “Rocks Road in Ballyhornan has been left in a state of priority. Parts of the road have been washed away and this creates a safety hazard to residents. I have already alerted Roads Service to the matter and asked for urgency in resolving the issue.

[caption id="attachment_45879" align="alignright" width="300"]Councillor Gareth Sharvin was on hand in Strangford as the tidal surge hit the village. Councillor Gareth Sharvin: deeply concerned at the damage caused by the bad weather. [/caption]

“Along the Shore Road from Kilclief to Strangford, the road is badly flooded, cables on the road are exposed and we witnessed more sea walls collapsing. “Strangford saw at least four foot of water come as far as the upper Green in the village. Sadly two homes were flooded in the area on Friday, but with help from Council and Roads Service all homes received sandbags on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.” “Now all agencies must come together to effectively address the damage that has been left behind. Council must start to assess the damage caused to Council property and also the issue if seaweed on local roads. An action plan must be compiled immediately with urgent actions created and implemented.” “I have advised Roads Service to inspect Fisherman’s Row, Rocks Road and Shore Road sea walls due to the damage caused and the need for immediate addressing of the undermine pillars. Roads Service also need to assess how effective the drainage and soakaways systems were on our local roads and how these can be improved to avail of flooding.” “We must act quickly, to ensure that long spells of disruptions are avoided and residents can return to normal,” addd Cllr Sharvin.