Shannons Celebrate Leicester And Ipswich Promotions

Jim Shannon MP is on a crest of a wave as Leicester City and Ipswich Town are both promoted to the Premier Division

Jim Shannon MP and his son Jamie celebrate Leicester City and Ipswich Town promotions to Premier League and are in football heaven.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon MP has been a Leicester City Football supporter since 1969 has after their promotion to the English Premier League.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon, Leicester supporter, with his son Jamie who is an Ipswich supporter – both will be playing in the English Premier Division this season.

The jubilant Jim said: “This is a double celebration as my team Leicester City are the championship winners, but my son Jamie is an Ipswich Town supporter and we both have cause to cheer as Ipswich are also automatically promoted.

For one of us to be joyful is possible, but for my son Jamie it is a double cause to be happy.

“Both father and son are looking forward to the oncoming Premier League Football next season starting in August 2024.

“It confirms Leicester were the champions, but to see NI’s own Keiran McKenna as Manager of Ipswich Town in charge, there will be big celebrations in many houses across Northern Ireland, but especially in Ards and Strangford.”