Shannon Welcomes Ards Drugs Seizure

Strangford MP Jim Shannon welcomes drugs' seizure in Newtownards 

Strangford MP Jim Shannon welcomes drugs’ seizure in Newtownards 

Speaking about the police seizure, Mr Shannon said: “This is another significant step to address the scourge of drugs in Ards and District. 

“I have received communications from parents and constituents about the availability of drugs in the Ards and Strangford constituency and it is shocking how widely available these drugs are.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon.

“Parents worry that their children are confronted with drugs almost wherever they go at the weekend and the dangers that come from addiction and unintentional overdose lie heavy on every parent’s heart and mind.

“The PSNI must step hard on those involved in that nefarious criminal activity and it is my hope that people think twice about involving themselves in this damaging trade that impacts our community in such a devastating way. 

“Catching those concerned can only happen if the general public tell the PSNI all that they know and we must prioritise life over anything else.”

Mr Shannon added: “Together, the PSNI and the general public can stop drugs and those who peddle them and whilst I welcome this particular lot of drugs off the street there is certainly a large job still to do still.”