Shannon Pushes At Westminster For Fuel Pilot Scheme For Northern Ireland

Jim Shannon MP for Strangford has called for the Chancellor and Treasury to deliver a Fuel-Pilot Scheme for Northern Ireland and not to delay the process any further.dn_screen

He said: “The Treasury sent out a consultation document across the whole of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and out of the thirty responses that they got from across the UK, nineteen of these came from Northern Ireland.

“Despite this, we find that the Treasury has decided to only extend to Fuel-Pilot Schemes for the rest of the UK, totally ignoring the two-thirds of responses that were delivered from Northern Ireland.

“With the highest fuel prices in the UK taken from the statistics from January, it was  found that Northern Ireland topped the league for high fuel prices, higher than the rest of the UK despite 38% of those who live in Northern Ireland living in rural areas as compared with 19% in the rest of the UK.

“Quite clearly Northern Ireland citizens deserve a fuel-pilot scheme and yet again the Treasury choose to ignore not only the Northern Ireland response but also the statistics. It is up to the Treasury to deliver now. A fuel-pilot scheme for Northern Ireland is all that we will settle for. “