Shannon Meets NI Fishery Harbours Authority Over Portavogie Harbour

Jim Shannon, MP for Strangford, speaking after the meeting said that it was both “constructive and helpful”. A number of issues that were discussed.

Mr Shannon said: “The de-sludging of Portavogie harbour will be finalised in four weeks with a further two weeks for the waste to be dried. The lime used that caused the dust pollution will be changed to granulated lime.

dn_screen“The important and vital issue of the Harbour Fees for 10 Metre boats was raised and the Chief Executive has agreed to review the proposed changes and will come back to me on this proposal.

“The turning circle for the large boats is to be increased and the pontoon will be reduced in order to make this more accessible and this is a compromise for everybody. It means that the movement of boats within the pontoon for Portavogie Harbour will be addressed successfully.

“The repairs including two new ladders are almost completed and the north wall is a completely finished job with the benefits very apparent.

“The issue of water charges for the harbour is to be reviewed and to be more transparent. Also, CCTV instalment is to take place in the next two months to ensure that theft and the problem of vehicles ‘doughnutting’ at the harbour can be prevented.

“The wi-fi project for fisheries and boats is to be installed in the harbour with a circuit from Ards Borough Council and NIFHA for a cost of £2000.

“I also asked the Chief Executive about for funding for the slip way and Mr Quigley confirmed that an application for EMF monies has been made and I will be in contact directly with the local fishing members to see how an improved slipway can be delivered urgently.

“All in all it was a good meeting with positives and a massive difference to Portavogie harbour and ultimately these improvements will provide a vast improvement for the fishing sector,” added Mr Shannon.