Shannon Comments On Roads At Carrickmannon PS

Strangford MP Jim Shannon MP speaking at at meeting at Carrickmannon Primary School has stated that there is a lot to do to improve road safety at the school.

He said: “I am encouraged by the attendance of the PSNI and Education Authority, Board of Governors, Principal Mrs Lennon.  The parents who raised the issues again with me, Mrs Harris along with other parents, are indeed concerned about the safety of the schoolchildren

“The very constructive meeting outlined a number of steps to be taken to improve the safety at the school for the benefit of the children and also as a protection for drivers.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon .
Strangford MP Jim Shannon .

“It was agreed to write to all of the major companies in the area to request that they would not have their Lorries passing the school at pick up times. The fact that the school warning lights were not working for a period of months is very worrying.

“I will be contacting Transport NI and also requesting that road signage be renewed and with the introduction of Rumble-Strips on either side of the school. A further request to Transport NI will be for a half hour speed restriction with speeds reduced to 20MPH be introduced as I am aware that under the former ministry of Michelle McIlveen MLA, as Minister with responsibility for Road Service, a number of these requests were granted. There is a need to have the hedges adjacent to the school cut back and landowners are to be contacted to have this done.”

Mr Shannon said also that Education Minister Peter Weir will also be contacted and asked to urgently pursue the provision of a car park for parents adjacent to the school. “It was agreed in 2014 but nothing ever happened and I am keen that this long-term result be achieved. It is imperative that the safety of all at the school – that has 103 pupils, the teachers and the parents – is paramount and that all steps necessary are taken to prevent a fatal accident here.

“The positive action of the PSNI high-viz tops are to be delivered to the school for their pupils and already we have high spec action which is both short term and long term – the parents, PTA, principal and leadership team in the school and board of governors are all keen to work together to deliver safety for all.

“The school principal Mrs Lennon put forward an excellent case for improvement in the short and long-term and with the cooperation of all government departments it is hoped that we will soon see the safety improved at this wonderful little school.”