Shannon Backs Organ Donation Week

Jim Shannon, MP for Strangford, has urged people to take note of the current Organ Donation week and to take the time to have the conversation with family as to your intentions were anything to happen to you.

Jim Shannon, Strangford MP, has backed

He said: “I have some personal knowledge as an kidney donation saved the life of my nephew Peter, and I think it is this that perhaps underlines to me the importance of donation.

“I completely respect those who do not wish to donate – for any reason at all – their wishes must be respected, but I have been informed by many in the medical community that many perfect organs were left as families were unsure and didn’t want to give permission in case their loved one hadn’t wanted that to happen.

“If we just take the time to have these conversations, then we can be sure that we are following the wishes and in doing so – giving life to many people. I know that if there is anything of worth left in this old body – if it can help someone – they are more than welcome to it.

“I know that most people if they took the time to think that their cornea could give a child sight, or skin could help a burn victim – all of these things we would gladly give – but we must have the conversation and this week is the perfect week to do it and make clear to your family that you are willing to donate your organs when you pass away.”