Sewerage Investigation For Downpatrick Centre

NI Water Sewer Investigation Work gets underway at Downpatrick Town Centre on 18th May.

NI Water Sewer Investigation Work gets underway at Downpatrick Town Centre on 18th May.

NI Water is scheduled to commence essential sewer investigation work in the centre of Downpatrick which entails CCTV surveys and maintenance of the existing NI Water sewers.

An NI Water spokesperson said: “We anticipate work will get underway during the week commencing 18th May 2020, and will last approximately four weeks.

“This essential project is necessary to identify improvements required in the existing sewerage network, to help plan a wider sewer improvement programme for the Downpatrick area, which will improve the sewerage network and reduce the risk of out-of-sewer flooding. 

Downpatrick town centre is to see sewerage works beginning on 18th May. It will include investigation and some repairs.

“NI Water has been identified as an essential service provider in response to COVID-19 and the Government has officially designated our workforce as ‘key workers’ in a critical public service.

“NI Water and various support teams have never been more essential to the health and wellbeing of our customers than now, and we would ask the public to be supportive of our workers during this difficult time.

“We will notify the public of planned start dates and duration of any future repair or replacement work that may be required following this investigation work.

“The work will be located on many of the main streets within the Downpatrick Town Centre area and signage will be in place as the work progresses.

“We will as far as possible undertake these works during normal working hours. However, some night-time working may be required.

“NI Water and our contractor Geda Construction will liaise with any affected properties. We appreciate that this work is disruptive and would like to thank the public in advance for their patience as we complete these essential improvement works.

“We are all practising social distancing – our priority is to keep customers and colleagues safe. So please keep your distance and our workers will carry on with their essential work for you.”

A few key points to remember:

  • Beware of Bogus Callers – if you are concerned about the identity of someone at your door, you can call the PSNI non-emergency number ‘101’ where you will have the option of a ‘Quickcheck’ to confirm the caller is from the utility they say they are.
  • Do not let children go near work sites or equipment, this can be extremely dangerous.

For further advice log on to:  

Information on water supply issues affecting your property are also available 24/7 simply by logging onto: