September Blog From Dan And Inga

Dan And Ingas' Blog For September.

Dan And Ingas’ Blog For September.

”If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

Dan Gebski: I have to say that these past four months were very roll coaster in the many house holds I know.

We are living in turbulent times indeed. Even walking on the streets is not the same no more. We could possibly talk negative about the present situation for so long, but what is the point on that?

I think myself and rest of our family have had to face the fear almost every day. That includes shopping or going to work even. The last time I wore mask was in 2010 while working in a recycling plant. I all feels very strange.

I don’t think I am going to be able to visit my home country Poland in the coming year. I hope to travel there next year 2021. We all now need to work as a team and try to keep busy as possible and do things we love to do it. The only way to beat the fears and anxieties that have emerged in the Covid019 era is to face it and move on.

And the most important thing is to remember about our family and friends.

Polish blogger Dan Gebski with Inga McQuaid, a Latvian blogger and poet

Inga McQuaid added: “The Covid 19 lockdown continues although we can now shop and go out to parks and

restaurants. People are very aware of each other, distance kept between shoppers and weather you have a mask on or not. I feel like this situation is going to last for years to come.

People are now more careful and protective of their own children and families.

The borders are opening and closing for flying. This is very tricky as you always have to check if you are taking a holiday or have to go abroad.

The situation and your flying can be compromised. I personally have missed a very important family affair due to this predicament, as the purchase of an airline ticket back home was just not possible.

It is most important to try and stay connected with your loved ones abroad. I have noticed I am spending more and more time on a phone to my family.

I know that people do like to feel free and do as they like. But this Covid-19 situation is making you feel that you’re not free at all.

Children went back to school a couple weeks ago. I hope they will be safe and healthy in their new school set-ups. The thought of my own children going back to school really scares me as they have been at home for the past six months. It will be very strange for them but schools are doing everything they can to reassure and make return as safe as possible for all of the pupils.

We’re in this all together and we all have worries, stress, anxieties and struggles. Some parents experience it more than others. Covid-19 has really showed how important it is to have a family and to be together.

Poem, by Inga McQuaid

Days fly by, nights stay still.

Children play. Mother’s ill.

Every night she goes to bed

Worries, thoughts are in her head.

Out of work for many months

Paying bills, not so much fun.

She cries and hopes, she prays for change

Her little babies are asleep in bed.

She calls her work. When she’ll be back?

To normal life, to get a cheque.

She doesn’t know of how to keep

That smiley face upbeat and lit.

The reassuring food box comes

Every week it fills her hands.

She feels so thankful, feels so blessed

To live in country where someone cares.

Days fly by, rules change.

She puts her mask on and pretends

To be carefree, to smile and laugh.

She is exhausted. But she will last.