Saintfield Stages Music Festival

dn_screen There was live music, singing and workshops in the pubs, cafes and churches of the village, offering a wide and varied choice of events to attend. There was even a workshop for the kiddies, who could “have a go” on a variety of instruments and perhaps get them started on a musical career. Stephen Hamill was on hand at the Second Presbyterian Church to demonstrate their Phoenix organ. His skill, expertise, musicality and passion for his instrument were evident and he enthralled the audience as he put the organ through its paces and showed its versatility, power and range. The support given to the weekend by Saintfield residents was very satisfying and most venues reported excellent attendances. It is planned to make “Harfest” an annual event and attract performers and visitors from furhter field. Photos taken at Harfest can be viewed on the SDA website:]]>