Ruane Attacks Health Minister Hamilton Over Absences From His Post

Sinn Féin South Down MLA Caitriona Ruane has called on the Health Minister Simon Hamilton to return to his post immediately as his absence is causing increased hardship for staff and patients alike.

Ms. Ruane said: “The general public and an ever-growing number of senior health professionals including The Nuffield Trust, the Royal College of Nurses, Unison and GP’s are calling on the former Health Minister Simon Hamilton, to return to his desk.

[caption id="attachment_41113" align="alignright" width="220"]Under attack from Sinn Fein: DUP Health Minister Simon Hamilton. Under attack from Sinn Fein: DUP Health Minister Simon Hamilton.[/caption]

“Residents of South Down are being left in limbo due to the fact the DUP Health Minister will not answer basic questions about health care from local constituents.

“While the Minister plays silly games and states that he doesn’t carry out operations or clinics the fact is that strategic decisions need to be made that impact on the ability of health professionals to do their jobs to their maximum potential.

“Not only has this left Health Trusts in limbo but it also has put peoples lives and welfare in jeopardy as the quality of care falls below that what is expected.

“My office is dealing with a number of important issues such as those relating to waiting times, Accident and Emergency provision in South Down, patient care in the North’s sleep clinic, orthopedics, and stroke clinics, all of which need immediate action.

“The Health Minister’s blatant refusal to do his job is directly impacting on the provision of care for people in our local area.

“It is becoming abundantly more clear that a minister turning up for work thirty minutes a week doesn’t cut it in the real world, and he needs to return to his position immediately so we can improve the provision of health to the electorate.”