Rostrevor Shedders Get A Lesson In Ariel Photography

Fellow Rostrevor shedder Connor Sweeney gave a different perspective on the local area through the medium of aerial photography last week.

Mark Gibbons, Rostrevor Mens Shed chairman, said: “This shedder’s session took an interesting look at the technology, advantages and issues surrounding the eye in the sky. Connor also answered some topical questions to a packed St Bronagh’s GAA Clubrooms, giving good advice on the relevant drone legislation and dispelled a few popular myths regarding aerial photography.

“Afterwards we took a look at some great photos and videos that other people had taken in the area. It was a humorous and very informative evening. Connor’s talk went a long way to dispel the negativity normally associated with the industry/hobby or flying drones.

The Rostrevor Men's Shed members with
The Rostrevor Men’s Shed members with Conor Sweeney pictured during a recent artel photography talk.

“Connor has a great way about him and he injected a nice bit of humour into the talk as he went along. We will have to get him to do it again, maybe in the summer with the better weather”

“He also gave us a demo of his drone in action shortly after the talk, and we were amazed at the technology behind the machine itself. Aerial photography has come a long way in the last few years. Stunning is the only word for it,” said Mark Gibbons.

He added: “The next event on the Shedder calendar will be the first pub quiz in the Kilbroney Bar on Friday 6th May @ 9.30pm. Everyone is welcome and we already have a number of teams ready to put their brains to the ultimate test. This will be a great opportunity for us to raise some much needed funds for future Men’s Shed projects plus every penny counts when it comes to the important issues like insurance and overheads.

“The Shed is open to all men regardless of age, background or ability, and we meet every Wednesday at 7pm in St Bronagh’s GAA Club. Everyone is welcome with open arms and a cup of tea ready if needed.

“One of the many purposes of the Rostrevor Men’s Shed is to provide a welcoming venue for men to talk and connect with others while participating in group and/or individual projects, and membership is only £20 for the year.

“It is also helping to reduce isolation, loneliness and increase social networks of men in Rostrevor and the surrounding local areas.

“An objective of the Rostrevor Men’s Shed is to enhance or maintain the well-being of the participating men. Men don’t talk face-to-face, they talk shoulder to shoulder!”