Rogers Says High VAT Charges Are Damaging South Down Tourism

South Down MLA Seán Rogers (SDLP) has said the tourism industry in Northern Ireland must be removed from the shackles of high VAT charges. dn_screenHe said: “The entire South Down area has so much to offer tourists but we are not on an equal playing field when trying to encourage visitors to leave other beautiful areas of Ireland, or indeed Europe, which carry much lighter VAT burdens.” The South Down MLA conceded that VAT reduction in itself is not the single answer to realising a more vibrant tourism sector but it is, in his view, “a highly significant factor”. He added: “There is no doubt that a reduction in VAT to the sector would help generate some much needed economic activity to our area. The creation of new jobs would feed into supporting local businesses and generating the vibrancy expected of such a beautiful holiday destination. “The tourism sector has become increasingly significant to our local towns and villages across South Down in recent decades. We must therefore do everything possible to support it, develop it and bring it to its full economic potential”.