Rogers Meets Castlewellan Residents And Agencies Over Gullies And Footpaths

South Down MLA Seán Rogers has called for a clear up of gulleys and footpaths in the St Malachy’s Crescent/Drive area of Castlewellan.

dn_screenFollowing a walkabout with local people and members of Transport NI and Housing Executive, Mr Rogers said: “Keeping paths clear and walkways free of trees and moss may seem small pieces of work but, if they are not kept on top of, they can cause real problems for residents.

“Constituents have raised with me ongoing issues which are making their lives difficult and I invited the key agencies to meet me on site to agree resolutions. I am glad to say that the moss on the footpath which was causing it to be slippery and dangerous particularly for the number of older residents, is due to be cleared.

“I have also been given assurances from Transport NI that they will investigate and rectify a blocked gully; from the Housing Executive to trim trees and that the agencies will work together to agree ownership of a patch of land which needs to be evened out.

“I am not prepared to wait until someone slips on the moss or uneven ground and injures themselves before acting and have urged the agencies involved to get this work done as soon as possible,” added Mr Rogers.