Ritchie Urges May To Cancel Hinkley Point Ahead Of Cabinet Meeting

South Down MP Margaret Ritchie (SDLP) has called on the Prime Minister to cancel the new nuclear development at Hinkley Point C ahead of a Cabinet meeting that will consider the project’s future

dn_screenShe said: “New nuclear power is the wrong solution for the environment, for bill payers and for local communities. The Prime Minister must resist pressure from both other governments and energy companies and cancel the project before any more money is wasted on an out-dated, financially unstable development.

“I welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision to pause development earlier this summer, but the PM must now take the final step and cancel the plans.

“With a recent report showing again that the development at Hinkley Point C is not the most cost-effective means of decarbonising our electricity grid, the Prime Minister must now look again at the support her Government is giving other, truly sustainable forms of power generation.”