Ritchie Says International Community Must Support Aid Work In Syria

South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has asked British Foreign Secretary William Hague to do all within his power to support the most vulnerable refugees caught in the middle of the on-going conflict in Syria.

Speaking following her question at Foreign Office questions in Westminster Ms Ritchie said: “I am encouraged that there have been important moves towards a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Syria and I urge the British government to continue to work with international partners to bring an end to the conflict.dn_screen

“However we must not forget or underestimate the true scale of the humanitarian disaster that the on-going conflict continues to bring. Just this week the UN Refugee Agency has warned that there may be over 5million refugees in the region by next year.

“The scale of this is truly devastating and the international community needs to support aid work within Syria and help surrounding countries deal with an almost unprecedented refugee crisis.

 “I welcome the Foreign Secretary’s promise to write to me on this matter and I will be seeking assurances that within the £500 million aid package he has committed there will be an effort to target those in most immediate need and to support neighbouring countries who are struggling to cope with the refugee situation.

“I would also call on the UK Foreign Secretary to make an effort to identify and assist those refugees who may have family connections in the UK to join their loved ones.”