Ritchie Says Hinkley Point Poses Environmental Risk

South Down MP Margaret Ritchie (SDLP) has said confirmation of the UK’s approval of a new EDF nuclear facility at Hinkley Point at Bridgewater in Somerset is deeply worrying.

Ms Ritchie said: “Hinkley Point will be the first new nuclear plant to be built in the UK for two decades and I am extremely concerned given the legacy of Sellafield, of the implications for people in my constituency of South Down. Any such facility is likely to be extremely expensive and will leave a potential environmental hazzard.dn_screen

“The deal struck between EDF Energy and the UK Government will have stark consequences for the consumer. The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne would have us believe that EDF of France and China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC) will bear all the financial risks and that energy bills across the UK will fall sometime around 2020.

“The reality is that the UK Government will be agreeing to buy electricity from Hinkley Point for 35-40years with the tax payer picking up the bill. Hinkley Point will add to consumers’ bills.  We must not jeopardise investment in truly renewable energy by pursuing the fool’s gold that is nuclear.

“EDF Energy has the UK government exactly where it wants it and the outcome will be increased energy bills. That coupled with the significant public health risks makes Hinkley Point a very dangerous prospect. I have already put my name to an Early Day Motion objecting to Hinkley Point plant. I will continue to make my concerns known to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.”

EDF has since November 2009 made several local consultations and has set up local forums in the neighbourhood.

Check it out at: http://hinkleypoint.edfenergyconsultation.info