Ritchie Says Farmers Need Good Outcome In CAP Negotiations

SOUTH Down MP Margaret Ritchie said: “Central to the success of the growth of the agri-food industry remaining the bedrock of our economy is a good outcome and result from the negotiations on the reform Common Agricultural Policy which underpins our industry and farm production at all levels.dn_screen

“I have received a response from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DERFA) about how the funds will be divided between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  I have been advised that the Government has decided that the most appropriate way of allocating this cut is through an equal proportional reduction to the financial ceilings across the four areas.

“For Northern Ireland, this decision means that it will receive around 2,299 million euros in direct payments over 2014-2020, subject to final confirmation of the EU budget. We need to remain extremely vigilant to secure our share as Scotland is, and will continue before the end of this year, to seek a higher share.

“We need to keep pressing DEFRA, the Secretary of State and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State to ensure we receive the historic share.

“I hope that as the negotiations on the CAP regulations and budgets reach their concluding stages, this will provide us with the increasing clarity we need to move ahead with implementing CAP.”